About Royal Hollow Academy

   Royal Hollow Academy is an umbrella school that provides several services to its students. We provide recordkeeping, maintaining a complete list of all grades and relevant information from each student. We also review the student selected curriculum to verify that it complies with Texas Uniform Admission Policy, Texas home school requirements, and Florida requirements. The student can select the curriculum from existing programs that have already been reviewed or create their own curriculum. We also provide counseling services to guide the parents and the students through their education. We offer special counseling to university applicants.

Royal Hollow Academy complies with all Texas State requirements for private education institutions.
If it is required by the destination country, Royal Hollow Academy can also procure the Hague apostille from the State of Texas for any of our certificates and/or diplomas. This apostille, issue by the Secretary of State of Texas, verifies that our documents are legitimate and authentic. 117 countries are members of the Apostille Convention, including Mexico. 

In Florida, Private/Umbrella schools must be included in a statewide directory of private schools. The Florida Department of Education is in charge of maintaining such a directory of private schools. Royal Hollow Academy appears under the “Private Schools in Dade School District” section: Florida Department of Education 

If you live in Florida State contact us at info-Florida@royalhollow.com

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Are you ready to start the future?

Because our overhead is low, we can pass the savings of not maintaining a physical building on to you. 

We are here to work in your terms, at your pace with your curriculum options, we are keepers of your freedom to teach.   We provide assistance and track recommendations, you choose your own path for your children's learning experience.

Is it intrusive?

Is it expensive?

Because you don't have to step foot in a classroom, our services are available whenever you can work them into your busy schedule. We also have suggestions for curriculum programs for those who need them.

Is it easy?


    Our goal is to help one family at a time succeed in an academic home environment and to help each student reach their greatest potential.

    Our administrative team understands that parents have many homeschooling options today.
    For this reason, our staff is ready and willing to assist you.  Many families have benefited from our extensive experience in homeschooling through our affordable and supportive homeschool academic record-keeping options. 
  We encouraged you to browse through our site and join our community of homeschoolers today!